After supporting one Cannabis Mother, I quit my job as a social worker to fight for our parental rights.

I teach parents how to effectively talk to their kids about Cannabis.

Vanessa Coke


Hi,  y'all!   This is my story.....



I have watched a Medical Marijuana Patient being threatened to lose her baby over micro-dosing (in a recreational state) while the child was not present. I read stories about incredible fathers being denied custody because they worked in the industry. Parents of color were seen as “unfit" caregivers and automatically categorized as criminals. Social workers, clinicians, and government officials making executive decisions on the lively-hood of families without any Cannabis Education. I learned that the social infrastructure of our society is disproportionate and unjust for my community. Parents are taking the lead in partaking in the Essential Cannabis Industry, we are more isolated than ever, yet juggling the demands of the pandemic.

This is at the seed of behavioral science: embrace transparency in plant science, not only to enhance the safety of your lifestyle and careers but to help our children with theirs too. Low & Slow momma! 

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